How It Works

EarnMakers is an intelligent consumer loyalty program that rewards you with cash back for doing the things you already do in your everyday life - like shopping, booking travel and vacations, buying concert or sports tickets and filling prescriptions with a discount drug card. You can redeem your cash for pre-paid cards, gift cards or donate them to a charitable cause. Our goal is to Offer You More Cash Back and a More Relevant, Personalized, Easy-to-Use Experience than You will Find Anywhere Else. We are committed to earning your trust by providing full transparency into the activities we offer; we reward members for writing reviews so that all members of our community can more confidently engage and earn. Become an EarnMaker Today and help us build the most trusted cash back loyalty program in the world.

How Does It Work?

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Your Profile Survey

When you join EarnMakers you will want to complete the Profile Survey so you can begin your personalized member experience. This survey allows us to highlight your favorite stores and unlock promotional offers from advertisers who are looking for customers that match your profile. And yes, you are rewarded for completing your Profile Survey too!

Perform an Activity to get
Cash and Cash Back

EarnMakers rewards you with cash and cash back when you complete specific activities. These activities typically require you to engage with advertisers - like shopping with retailers, booking vacations or completing surveys for market researchers. These advertisers pay us for your engagement and we share that payment with you!

Yes, it’s that simple.

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about us image

Choose How to
Redeem your Cash

Once you’ve accumulated enough cash, you can redeem them for gift cards, cash (Paypal, prepaid card), or donate them to a charitable cause. A minimum of $5.00 is required to make a redemption. Note that first time redemptions require a minimum of $25.00.

The More You Engage, The More You Earn!