About Sutro Footwear

Amidst the commotion of running our stores in San Francisco, we noticed something about the brands that we carried – there just wasn’t a single brand that met all of the specifications that our customers were looking for: quality, practicality, comfort, and affordable prices. Customers wanted a shoe that they can wear everyday (to the office, to dinner, around the city, etc). For 35 years, we listened to the consumer. What we learned in the days of ShoeBiz is what allowed us to create the footwear that we all imagined was possible but didn’t seem accessible at the time.

Our shoes are designed to be deceptively simple, with our focus placed heavily on the quality of the components and construction we use, while keeping the price attractively low for the end consumer. Our customers’ demands are what inspired us to develop a brand that encompasses all of the qualifications of a great pair of shoes. Today, with our 35 years of retail experience under our belts, we continue to take feedback and tweak our approaches to cater to what people are looking for. 

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